Instantly Find the Problem With Your Car!

With the TrueBlue Car Doctor, get real-time, easy-to-understand updates
about your car’s health right on your phone!

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TrueBlue Car Doctor

Your Personal Car Doctor

This car translator interprets your check engine light in easy-to-understand language
and allows you to personally determine the severity of your car’s problems,
saving you time, money, and unnecessary trips to your mechanic.


Quickly see severity
of car problems

See exactly why your
‘Check Engine Light’
is on


Automatic oil change
& maintenance


TrueBlue Car Doctor Works

Plug TrueBlue Car Doctor
Into Car Port

Takes less than 30 seconds and anyone can do it! No professionals needed.
Show me where the port is.

Sync TrueBlue Car Doctor
With Your Phone

Connect TrueBlue Doc to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.

TrueBlue Car Doctor
Does The Rest

Your car will now send you regular health updates, saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

TrueBlue Car Doctor Always Keeps
You One Step

  • Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

    TrueBlue Car Doctor will tell you how severe
    a problem is and if you should repair it
    immediately. Now you’ll know what the
    consequences are if you keep driving
    with the problem.

  • See Why Your ‘Check
    Engine Light’ Is On

    Automatically translates the ‘check engine
    light’ into simple terms, so you can easily
    determine the best course of action.

  • Automatic Maintenance

    Prevent costly repairs by proactively taking
    care of your car. TrueBlue Car Doctor ensures
    that you never miss an oil change or
    critical maintenance.

Secure 256-bit SSL encryption

How TrueBlue Car Doctor Keeps Your Car
Running Smoothly

Maintenance Timeline

See the manufacturer-recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you’re due for service.

Oil and Fuel
Consumption Report

Analyze your car’s efficiency to ensure it’s running in tip-top shape.

Check Engine Light

Get notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.

Vehicle History

See a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log.

Mileage Detection

Our algorithm determines your mileage so we can alert you when you are approaching important maintenance.

Continuous Monitoring

TrueBlue Car Doctor will alert you if we have detected a problem with your vehicle.

* And Much More

TrueBlue Car Doctor
Mobile App

Understanding your car just got a whole lot simpler

  • Easy-to-Use App

    You can download the free app on both the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. It’s ready to go in seconds.

  • Real-Time Stats

    You can check everything from current speed, engine temperature, battery voltage, and more, all while driving.

  • Problem Details

    Learn more information about the problem, the severity, and the consequences if you keep driving with the light on.

  • Correct Bad Habits

    The app can detect both sudden braking and sudden acceleration, both of which can result in long-term damage to the car.

Compatible With

Compatible with cars manufactured after 1996.
(Some exceptions may apply)

Compatible With

Compatible with cars manufactured after 1996.
(Some exceptions may apply)

See What People Are Saying

Nesa W.

Lexington, KY

Works exactly as described! Not much to say about it as the product description is spot on. The corresponding mobile app takes a little getting used to, but it works smoothly and gets you the info you need. After using it 2 times it’s super easy to navigate. If you're looking for a solid OBD2 diagnostic tool that will work on a wide array of vehicles and not cost an arm and a leg, look no further!

Juan H.

Long Beach, CA

This little scanner plugs in to the obd2 port of my vehicle. I had to connect my phone to it by using Bluetooth. The connection was easy and effortless. Once connected to my phone I used the free software available on the playstore. Once connected you can read almost everything that goes on with your car. You can also read the trouble codes. The module is smart fits comfortably in your pocket and works great.

Alan S.

Bellevue, WA

This is a great little product to see why the check engine light in your car is on. Connect this to your vehicle, turn on the app and let it detect this device and connect them, once connected get it to scan and you will receive a code if the check engine light has triggered an error. After that you just take the code or codes and google it online with the model and year of your car and you will get the possible reasons for the check engine light. Very simple process and makes detecting the error code easier that way you can decide if you want to fix the car yourself or if the task is beyond you and more suited for a mechanic. Hope this helps

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